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Medical supply chain logistics

However good the remedies; if they don't reach the people who need them they are of no use.

Last mile and every mile distribution

Riders specialise in constant, reliable, uninterrupted distribution of medical supplies, however far or difficult to reach.

However good the remedies, if they don’t reach the people who need them they are of no use.

In Africa, health facilities are still a long way from central distribution hubs. Health facilities and communities in the most hard-to-reach areas of Africa regularly suffer from stock-outs of essential medicines and supplies. Riders for Health has expertise in managing vehicles in rural and remote areas to ensure that pharmaceuticals and medical supplies are distributed quickly and reliably. Riders’ managed transport systems form an unconventional infrastructure for a robust supply distribution network in harsh conditions. We can also provide dedicated scheduled collection services of end of life Point-of-Care (POC) reagents and cartridges from laboratories at the health centre level.”

“There are wonderfully effective drugs and nets but they don’t fly through the air and deliver themselves.”

Barry Coleman – co-founder Riders for Health, speaking of the problem of solving malaria in Africa.

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