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Film: The Gambia

Ebrima: A Day in the Life of a Motorcycle Health Worker

Ebrima Ceesay is employed by the Ministry for Health The Gambia to monitor the health of children in remote communities in The Gambia. Find out about what he does and how is motorcycle is essential to his job in this short film.


Knowledge sharing mission as team visit Riders Malawi

In spring this year Riders for Health Malawi team (known locally as R4H) were pleased to showcase their programme and share learnings with a visiting team from Riders International and the Riders Nigeria for Health team. 

News: Malawi

Riders Malawi, Cyclone Freddy update

Cyclone Freddy, which started in February, is likely to be the longest-ever running cyclone in recorded history according to The World Meteorological Organization.

News: The Gambia

Yamaha visits Riders for Health The Gambia

As part of a three year partnership, a team from Yamaha Motor Europe including their top rally riders visited the Riders for Health, The Gambia. The aim; to get a real understanding of what Riders for Health does, and how the money raised will be used.

Riders Malawi motorcycle sample training transport

Riders Malawi programme update 2021

Riders Malwai operates a very successful a sample transport programme across 29 districts of the country. This report details the challenges and successes the programme experienced in 2021.