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Riders Malawi

Riders Malawi, known locally as R4H, have been running world class transport services since 2011.

Riders Map MalawiRiders for Health Malawi (R4H) provide reliable and efficient transport systems to the Ministry of Health and healthcare focused NGOs across the nation.

Our services in Malawi cover sample and test result transport and the safe disposal of medical waste, both of which prevent the spread of dangerous diseases.

We have also developed our own driving school focused on safe motorcycle riding to combat road traffic accidents, one of the biggest causes of death amongst young adults across Africa.


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We'd love to talk to you about how we could support your Malawian organisation with any of the services we offer.

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Sample Transport

We transport samples and test results for health-focused organisations, ensuring the speedy diagnosis of conditions such as HIV AIDs and TB.

Malawi - healthworkers on motorcycles

Medical Waste

We offer country-wide services to ensure potentially hazardous waste is disposed of safely.

Partners in Malawi

In numbers

  • 86


    Including motorcycles and four wheel vehicles

  • 111


    Including management, office staff, vehicle technicians and riders/drivers.

Malawi - healthworkers on motorcycles

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