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Looking for fleet management services for healthcare in Africa? You have found the experts!

Riders for Health Lesotho, school, healthworker, child, mother, motorcycle

Sample transport courier, Riders for Health,  Lesotho.

Government and non-governmental organisations choose Riders because they know we have over 30 years’ experience, and many success stories.

The vehicles in our fleets currently total over 1000 across four African countries with vehicles including motorcycles, ambulances, buses, all-terrain vehicles, trucks and cars.

In the countries where we operate we can supply vehicles and fleet management to governments and health focused NGOs

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Where Riders operates

We can only provide vehicles to countries that have a Riders for Health programme to support the vehicles. This is because all Riders vehicles are part of a transport management system which includes our own rider training and ongoing maintenance. This support package is what makes our systems special and uniquely effective.

Riders programmes are developed in partnership with governments; so if your country does not have Riders programme and you would like to see one, we would be happy to join you in petitioning your government to develop Riders for Health in your country.

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Our partners

We have a strong track record of over thirty years working with government and non-government healthcare organisations. Join these organisations who use Riders to strengthen their services.

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Contact any of our country programmes, or get in touch with our international team about working together, press and media, funding and more.