About Riders

We are an African social enterprise and world leaders in the management and maintenance of vehicles for health-focused organisations.

If every health worker had access to reliable transport we could transform lives and end deaths from the preventable diseases that kill millions of people each year.

Andrea Coleman, co-founder, Riders for Health

Riders is Healthcare focused

  • We have created transport systems designed specifically for health care delivery in Africa. However hard it is to reach a community Riders ensures that care can reach them.
  • We work with healthcare partners from the initial planning and budgeting of programmes to procurement of vehicles and training of riders/drivers to the retirement and replacement of vehicles.
  • With over 30 years experience across Africa we have developed successful long term-partnerships with many governments who have outsourced the transport element of healthcare to us.

Riders is African led

  • Run by nationals of the countries in which we work, we employ more than 600 men and women, from apprentice technicians to highly experienced country leaders.
  • We actively recruit and develop women in all roles and at all levels.

Riders is practical

  • We have designed a practical and appropriate solution to a widespread, extremely severe and neglected global health problem.
  • We emphasise innovation in our work but recognise the importance of tried-and-tested and robust systems.
  • We have created models that are underpinned by highly-trained staff, unique financial mechanisms and a good reputation.
  • We have created a monitoring and evaluation system to measure our impact.
  • We recognise the challenges in changing the behaviour of how vehicles are used for health care.
  • The Riders transport management system is scaleable and replicable.

Riders is enterprising

  • As a social enterprise we prioritise how money can work effectively in development and how innovative financial models can optimise and conserve resources.
  • We are committed, with our partners, to achieving positive health outcomes. We meet this commitment by providing them with a high-level, professional service.
  • We challenge preconceptions and change attitudes towards the role of transport systems in healthcare development. This advocacy is now a fundamental part of our approach.
  • We are pioneers of a different way of doing development – challenging the status quo in order to achieve long term change.

Riders is collaborative

  • We are focused on our partners’ needs.
  • All our programmes are managed by nationals of that country so that the skills they build stay in-country.
  • Riders for Health works with other social entrepreneurs allowing communities to work together and transfer their skills.
  • We work to highlight the issue of managed transport to help all health agencies strengthen their work and build appropriate infrastructure.
  • We can achieve more impact through sharing our knowledge and expertise.

Vision, Mission & Values


A world in which healthcare reaches everyone, everywhere.


To ensure reliable transport is available for healthcare services.


Collaborative, enterprising, innovative.

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