Rider training


Riders are recognised globally as experts in rider and driver training. Covering road safety, maintenance, riding and driving, health & safety, defensive and off-road driving our training is unmatched.

Riders training is unique

We believe ongoing rider or driver training for mobilised health workers is essential to the successful operation of the health transport system. Here’s why:

  • Internationally accredited
    Carried out to an internationally accredited standard.
  • Bespoke
    Our clients have specialist needs depending on the job their health workers do, the terrain the country and the vehicles used.
  • Road safety
    Road safety is a big issue across Africa and developing nations and is a major health issue in itself. Our riders and drivers are trained to ride safely in the conditions they may encounter.
  • Efficiency
    The cost of running a vehicle is improved when the rider or driver is trained. They know how to find the best routes and how to optimise their driving for fuel efficiency.
  • Changes and improvements
    For us ongoing training is essential. If a rider has an accident we want to make sure they are confident to ride and find out if a similar accident could be prevented.

We have experience of setting up training centers and facilities in African countries including Kenya and Zimbabwe (no longer in operation due to political issues).

Lamin Nichol, The Gambia“It is no good having a motorcycle without training. Riders need to be trained, and trained again. That’s how we make sure they are safe and that our system works. Here in The Gambia we have trained over 1,000 health staff to ride motorbikes.”

Lamin Nicol, Head of Vehicle Management, Riders for Health, The Gambia


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