How we work

Our strong and single focus on transport for health workers has enabled us to change healthcare delivery in Africa.

Our solution is simple: reliable transport for health workers.

Transport is an overlooked and essential part of healthcare in developing countries. Out mission is to achieve a world where health care reaches everyone, everywhere. This can only be done if health focused organisations have the reliable transport they need to achieve their goals.

Bikes that are maintained, fuelled and well serviced by us – this is the magic that saves lives in The Gambia.

Che Jallow, Programme Director, The Gambia

How we do it

Ensuring that vehicles run reliably, day-in, day-out is not simple, not in countries where there isn’t a network of high quality roads, fuel stations and maintenance services.

We have developed a unique system that works. Our unique vehicle management programme is designed specifically for the economic and geographic environments in the countries we operate in.

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