Riders for Health Nigeria empowers healthcare organisations to fulfil humanitarian goals throughout the nation.

Nigeria mapOne of the main third party logistics organisations in Nigeria, Riders maintain hundreds of vehicles for healthcare organisations, enabling them to fulfil humanitarian goals.

Our main maintenance units and office are based in Abuja, with additional units located in Enugu, Calabar, Kaduna and Lagos.

Over half of Nigeria’s population lives in rural areas yet just 15% of the road networks are paved so millions dependent on outreach health care services.


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Operating since 1999

Since 1999 Riders for Health has owned and operated vehicle maintenance units in Nigeria to support local and international health agencies.

162 Staff

Maintenance technicians, sample couriers, admin and supply chain management.


223 Vehicles

198 motorcycles and 25 other vehicles


3M km

Distance covered by vehicles in the Riders Nigeria programme over 1 year.


We are proud to provide transport services for the Nigerian government and leading health agencies and organisations operating in Nigeria including fleet management, supply chain and sample transportation services. Some of our partners are listed below:


Riders for Health Nigeria

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