Outreach healthcare transport

Last mile. Every mile. We can get there.

You can’t fight disease without visiting communities in Africa – you’ve got to go to the people.

Our fleet management services mean ministries of health and our other partners, have access to reliable transport to reach people with whatever healthcare is needed.

Regular visits by health workers mean they can recognise symptoms, identify active cases and prevent new ones. This is made possible by Riders’ dependable transport system.

Mahali Hlasa, Programme Director, Riders for Health, Lesotho

Using motorcycles managed by us, health workers are able to travel to visit communities, however difficult to reach or however remote.

Doctors, nurses and public health officials can provide services such as disease detection and prevention, patient follow-up, and defaulter follow-up. They can set up outreach clinics providing immunisation, pre and post natal services, water testing, health education, HIV/AIDS TB and other outpatient care.

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