History and achievements

The Gambia is the smallest country within mainland Africa. Many people live in poverty and 70% live in hard to reach rural areas.

Established in 1999, Riders for Health The Gambia offer award-winning fleet management designed for health-focused organisations.

Government partnership

In 2002 Ministry of Health and Social Welfare outsourced all their health care fleet management to us. Knowing that their transport is is reliable means they can focus on achieving health goals.

Riders work here with the Ministry of Health means that now each of The Gambia’s public health centres has an ambulance or trekking vehicle and we support outreach healthcare across The Gambia with our nationwide fleet of motorcycles.

Our systems are used to provide a comprehensive services including outreach care in villages and schools, collection and distribution of drugs, vaccine and other supplies such as malaria nets and surveillance and containment of infectious diseases. This partnership has been a huge success.

Weighing babies - The Gambia

Riders for Health ensure this outreach clinic in Brikama where babies are weighed runs regularly, as well maintained vehicles support this vital service.

We also run ambulances used for emergency referrals, and our trekking vehicles deliver staff to outreach clinics and regional activities like immunisation campaigns.

Our impact

In The Gambia our work has been instrumental in improving the health of the nation over the past three decades. 

Healthcare workers are able to deliver health education and preventative services such as disease surveillance and the distribution of Long Lasting Insecticide-Treated Nets (LLINs) for malaria prevention and control.

There’s a big decline in malaria in the Gambia thanks to effective drugs and interventions that can now be delivered to communities because of our transport.

Che Jallow, Programme Director, Riders for Health, The Gambia

Incidences of Malaria, The Gambia 2000 – 2023

Because we work hand-in-hand with health organisations, it’s hard to isolate the impact of our services. But the graphs below show how major health issues have been tackled with our support.

With the support of Riders for Health incidence of malaria have dropped dramatically in the last 20 years.

Maternal deaths, The Gambia 2000-2023

Because of the transport for health services that we offer, women in dangerous labour are able to get to hospitals in time to get professional care. 

Pregnant women and children can receive antenatal and child welfare services including immunisations because Riders ensure healthcare workers are able to reach rural clinics that families from remote parts of the country can access.

In The Gambia maternal mortality has dropped from over 750 deaths per 100,000 live births to 458. As a comparison in the UK and the United States this rate is constantly under 20 deaths per 100,000.

Female model in Basse shows how the Uhuru X is used to transport women in dangerous labour to healthcare facilities.

The Gambia: Key dates

  • 1999


    The Gambia programme started with a fleet of just 10 motorcycles.

  • 2002

    Partnership with the Ministry of Health

    It was through this relationship that Riders became a valuable part of the healthcare ecosystem in The Gambia.

Motorcycle fleet The Gambia

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