Fleet management 

Unique and innovative solutions

We work with our partners from the procurement of the most appropriate vehicles all the way to replacement at end of vehicle life. Built over 30 years of experience in managing vehicles across Africa, our solutions founded on three core principles:

Preventive maintenance

Riders’ preventive maintenance system avoids vehicle failure by replacing parts before they break! Our system keeps fleets running, in good condition, for the duration of their intended lifetime. We run central workshops as well as maintenance outreach with technicians taking their services to where the partner is working, saving time and money.

Rider Training The Gambia

Training of riders and drivers

As important as the maintenance, training is critical in keeping vehicle users safe and optimising the life of the vehicle. We train in defensive driving and basic maintenance checks. Read more about our training service here.

Planning and budgeting

Our pricing models enable partners to manage and budget for on-going running costs. We can also offer advice and support for setting appropriate budgets for the delivery of sustainable health programmes, and for the selection of appropriate vehicles.

Benefits of using Riders

Managing thousands of vehicles across five African countries, Riders produces results for partners including:

  • Increased vehicle longevity
  • Reduced vehicle downtime due to outreach and preventive maintenance
  • Reliable supply chain of high-quality replacement parts
  • Safer riders and drivers and fewer accidents
  • Long-term cost savings
  • Reduced time spent on vehicle management issues as a result of outsourcing
  • Predictable budgeting
  • No unexpected repair costs
  • Regular reporting on vehicle usage

Our fleet management products

Specifically tailored to the needs of healthcare organisations, Riders fleet management systems are used successfully by a range of clients in the nation. While TAM is our our award-winning and best system, we also offer other services that may suit clients depending on each organisation’s goals and budget.

  • Transport Asset Management (TAM)

    Our full-service model, TAM offers clients to opportunity to lease fleets of vehicles and everything needed to keep them on the road without breakdown for a cost per kilometre fee.

  • Transport Resource Management (TRM)

    When the client already has a fleet of vehicles that they have purchased this model entrusts Riders with the ongoing management of the fleet.

  • Demand Service (DS)

    In this model, Riders simply provides repair and services services on demand at the request of the client.

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