Riders’ digital transformation

Data is a huge part of what we do. But up until now supporting our unique transport management system has meant a huge amount of paperwork.  Each month thousands of forms are filled in by health workers covering everything from their distance travelled to what communities and members of the public they’ve visited.

But now all that is changing. We are completely transforming how we collect and analyse data.

For a long time we’ve not  been happy with how our data systems work. Data entry is expensive and takes time. Time that in the case of health workers could be spent in communities. And the time it takes for the data to get from health workers in the field into a digital format back at our offices causes such a delay (up to 3 months) means data is often out of date and can’t help us identify and solve issues.

The new system saves time. Some data comes directly from ‘tags’ added to vehicles that track usage, entirely doing away with data entry time. Other data is entered directly into a mobile app by health workers. This saves them time and makes the process much easier. They will have more time to spend in communities.

Data now arrives direct to our system saving money and time on data entry administration. We are now able to see and analyse real time data and spotting issues in our system immediately.

The process will transform our systems and improve our service to save more lives in the countries where we work.

Watch this film to hear our founders, programme directors and health workers talk about how it will work and how the new system is going to change everything for us and the communities and organisation we serve.

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