Riders for Health’s first presence in The Gambia was in 1989 when Barry Coleman, our co-founder, acting as a consultant to Save the Children Fund and the World Health Organization, examined motorcycle uses in the Gambia and the basis of a new training/management system was established.

In 2002, we entered into a historic agreement with the World Bank and the Ministry of Health and Social Welfare (MoHSW) that saw them fully outsource their fleet management to our team.

Seven years later, Riders pioneered a new vehicle-leasing model that would overcome the MoHSW’s budget restraints by spreading fleet purchase and running costs out over a number of years.

With capital finance from the Nigeria-based GT Bank and Skoll Foundation, Riders purchased a new fleet of four-wheeled vehicles and motorcycles and leased them back to the Government, who pay a not-for-profit, cost recovery rate for Riders’ fleet management service.

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