Riders crucial to Covid-19 response in The Gambia

Riders’ countrywide network of health workers and emergency transport services has become more important than ever with the outbreak of Covid-19. 

As of the end of July The Gambia had reported 146 confirmed cases and five confirmed deaths from Covid-19. Nationals were fearful for the health of their people, particularly for remote communities which account for over 60% of the Gambian population. 

For those with serious coronavirus symptoms delays can be deadly. Our reliable and responsive emergency health transport service has been crucial to getting patients to facilities with the appropriate equipment, such as ventilators, quickly. 

Our network of health workers on motorcycles mean that the Ministry of Health can reach every corner of our country with health services. This means that contact tracing and public health education about the importance of hand washing and social distancing to prevent the spread of this incredibly contagious disease can be delivered to communities.

“We need to deliver care and education to the remote communities.”

Che Jallow – Riders for Health, The Gambia

Recently the Ministry of Health received ten new ambulances from Turkey which will become part of the Riders fleet.  Riders personnel were at the foot of the plane with government officials, including Ministers, to receive the ambulances ensuring that the vehicles will be professionally maintained for their full working life, by Riders for Health The Gambia.

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