Riders for Health Nigeria joins the fight against COVID-19

Sample courier in PPE, Nigeria

Above: Riders for health sample courier in Nigeria, wearing full protective clothing/PPE during coronavirus outbreak.

Since the 21st of May Riders have been working to transport Covid-19 samples from seven health facilities in Kano State, northern Nigeria to laboratories.

Working with the National Integrated Specimen Referral Network our couriers had  transported 316 samples from remote villages to laboratories mid-July and that number has been increasing daily

Fast and accurate test results are essential to tackling Covid-19 as they ensure individuals with positive test results access care and give communities they need to know whether the virus has reached their area and respond appropriately. 

Due to a lack of healthcare resources in Nigeria, many health workers have had to work without the correct protective clothing needed to protect themselves from this extremely transmittable disease.

Thankfully at Riders we are able to provide our couriers with necessary personal protective equipment and have trained them to adhere to recommended infection prevention and control measures. 

“We are delighted that the health focused transport system that we have developed and has been operating for over 20 years in Nigeria is able support the government and NGOs in the collective mission to tackle this devastating pandemic.”

Kayodi Ajayi CEO Riders for Health & Country Director, Nigeria

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