Riders Malawi, Cyclone Freddy: Update

Cyclone Freddy, which started in February, is likely to be the longest-ever running cyclone in recorded history according to The World Meteorological Organization.

The death toll from the disaster in southeast Africa has now exceeded 600, according to authorities in Malawi, Mozambique and Madagascar.

Malawi, the home of one of the Riders for Health programmes we support, was hit by the cyclone two weeks ago. Since then Two Wheels for Life and our supporters have rallied to help health workers, who have been struggling to keep themselves and their families alive.

Above: Stezhi Kankhande’s family home after it was destroyed by Cyclone Freddy.

Stezhi Kankhande works for Riders for Health Malawi. Here the organisation, which is a global leader in transport for healthcare, works to reduce the spread of disease in the nation by providing sample transport and test results as well as the disposal of medical waste.

Based in Blantyre, one of the areas hit by the cyclone, Stezhi tells his and his family’s story from the past few weeks.

“My main fear throughout this awful time has been the safety of my kids. When the cyclone hit we were terrified. Thankfully nobody in my family died, but our house was destroyed.

It’s hard to keep the kid’s spirits up when you don’t know where you will sleep and you’re struggling to find food and clothing. Many homes were either destroyed or already taken, but we have now found a small apartment.

We will rebuild and move on, but I hope that we never go through something like this again.”

Stezhi Kankhande, Riders for Health Malawi

Above: Riders for Health Motorcycle Health worker in Malawi.

Thanks to the campaign set up by Riders for Health in collaboration with Two Wheels of Life we have now raised over £1k which is already helping motorcycle health workers like Stezhi who have lost their homes.

We need to reach £3k in order to provide health workers with everything they need to get through this challenging time. If you can spare even a small amount to support our campaign we would be very grateful.

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