New health centre built as corporate social responsibility project… with just perfect results

On the 3rd of August 2023 a little girl weighing 2.5kg was born in the Gasaki community in the North of the Federal Capital Territory, Nigeria.

A special project

Baby born in the new clinic built by Riders for Health in the Gasaki community in the North of the Federal Capital Territory Nigeria.

Seven million babies are born each year across Nigeria, but the fact that this baby was born in a health facility newly built by Riders for Health gave this already special birth even more significance.

As an NGO, Riders works with the sole focus of providing reliable transport services for ministries of health and other health focused organisations. So for us this project was something completely different.

Corporate social responsibility

Rebuilding of a health facility is the latest of a number of initiatives run by Riders Nigeria as part of a corporate social responsibility (CSR) commitment that all NGOs operating in Nigeria commit to. Other causes we’ve helped on over the years have included providing logistics for public health awareness campaigns and supporting causes that help children.

A clinic in disrepair

In 2018 our team identified a health centre in one of the areas where we operate vehicles, that had fallen into terrible disrepair.

Dirty and very poorly furnished with no mosquito nets, the place was a hazard to anybody who needed to stay there.

We saw a dire need for the full rebuild and could see clearly that it would make a huge impact on the community who needed a fully functioning health centre to serve the families in the area.

The new facility

Top: The old clinic was not fit for purpose. Bottom: The new clinic, rebuilt from scratch by Riders is ideal to serve the community.

The amazing new facility built from the ground by Riders for Health, has: wards for men, women and children, a pharmacy and laboratory, an assessment room, and of course a delivery room that the baby girl was born in. There are also 13 beds including a delivery bed, an examination bed and an emergency stretcher bed. 

We are delighted to have been able to provide a health centre that is fit for purpose and absolutely what the people in this district wanted, needed and deserved.

Back to our day jobs

As we return to our day-to-day work of providing live-saving transport for health care, we continue supporting the people of Africa and making lives better for the millions of people who benefit from increased medical services and support because of what we do.


The newly build medical facility in the Gasaki community in the North of the Federal Capital Territory, Nigeria

Film: Watch to find out more about the project

Hear from CEO of Riders for Health, Kayode Ajayi how the Gasaki Primary Health Care Centre clinic project came about and the transformation that was made.

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