Should we lease or buy

Transport Asset Management (TAM)

Riders TAM model is our gold standard fleet management. Our most financially efficient model, partners work with Riders to choose the best vehicles for their project and then lease them from us for a fixed, not for profit, cost on a monthly or yearly basis.

Because in a TAM programme vehicles are owned by Riders and are leased to healthcare organisations this gives us full control over expert procurement of the correct vehicles for the job to ensure effective and efficient use. TRM includes

  • Sourcing and provision of appropriate vehicles. These could be motorcycles, ambulances, all-terrain vehicles or more. 
  • Provision of drivers or riders  (where medical skills not required)
  • Initial and ongoing rider or driver training
  • Ongoing preventative maintenance
  • Parts replacement
  • Protective clothing 
  • Access to reliable source of fuel
  • Vehicle monitoring and reporting

Riders for Health sample courier, Astron on the road, Monrovia.

Transport Resource Management (TRM)

The TRM model offers the same package of services as TAM, but the vehicles are procured and owned by the health organisation, rather than leased from Riders. 

The package can include:

  • Preventative maintenance
  • Parts replacement
  • Initial and ongoing rider or driver training
  • Protective clothing 
  • Reliable fuel
  • Vehicle monitoring and reporting

Interval Servicing

Interval Servicing clients commit to bringing their vehicles for regular appointments with Riders expert mechanics in our workshops and have access to genuine parts servicing and replacement. Costs are competitive with the private sector.

Demand servicing

The Demand Servicing model provides clients access to Riders’ expert mechanics, workshops and genuine parts servicing and replacement, at a price that’s competitive with the private sector.

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